This Is What it Means To Wholeheartedly Love Him

I didn’t think it was possible to find new ways to fall in love with my boyfriend every day but with him I do. When you finally find that someone you are supposed to be with, it’s not just a then and done. It’s a fall in love with that person everyday kind of love. It’s all of this and so much more than I know that I’ll never finish falling in love with him.

I’m just so happy and I feel so lucky. I know I love him because I worry about him and not just in the nice kind of way but the things you only worry about when someone is important to you.

I worry that he doesn’t get enough sleep if he’s taking care of himself so he doesn’t get sick. If he coughs.  it’s all those little things that as a whole make me realize how infinite my love for him is.

My favorite moments and memories always include him.

It doesn’t matter to me if we’re getting dressed up and going for a night out or lounging in sweats in his bedroom which quickly turns into us skimming through Netflix unable to make a decision on what to watch, okay maybe it’s just me that can’t decide what to watch but he goes along with it.

I still love him in the moments where he annoys the hell out of me, or even when I’m super angry and upset at him. I love him always.

I promise to never let us go to bed angry and to tell him I love you and apologize if I did something wrong.

He better not think that he can get away with being a jerk, he has to apologize when he’s wrong too. I know he will though because he hates fighting as much as I do.

Life with him is an adventure, one that I don’t want to end.

There are so many surprising things in store for us and our future. The thought of our future puts a smile on my face whenever I think about it.

Him being happy makes me the happiest girl ever and knowing he loves me and that he cares about me makes me feel like I hit the jackpot.

Forehead kisses, a good morning text, him asking how my day is going and the way I feel when he wraps his arms around me late at night. Or the moments he makes plans for us, the things that make him laugh and the way his face lights up when he talks about the things that excite him.

So it’s all of these things and so much more that leaves no doubt in my mind that I will never finish falling in love with him.