This Is The Kind Of Girl Who’ll Shatter All Of Your Expectations

The kind of girl worth fighting for isn’t going to fit one certain mold. She isn’t going to look like a porcelain doll and she isn’t the girl who sits nicely on a shelf. Every expectation you think you have for a relationship will be shattered when you finally meet her.

She’s had her fair share of struggles, trials, and tribulations but she’s risen above all of them and she sees how amazing she is because of that.

Wait for the girl who has a fire burning in her eyes, one that grows even brighter when she talks about her dreams, her passions, and all of her life’s ambitions.

You want to wait for the one who doesn’t appear to come across as perfect but as real.

Because she’s the type of girl who knows full well she isn’t perfect, she has flaws and she embraces every single one of them.

You need to wait for the girl who believes in herself but also knows that there is always more room for improvement.

Her presence alone will make you want to be the very best version of yourself. She’ll push you and encourages you to get there.

She may be a little stubborn, ridiculous at times, extremely romantic and a little hard headed.

She’s not afraid to laugh, to embrace the joy in life, she gets jealous, fears abandonment but is one of the most mature individuals you will ever meet.

She will see through your crap, your usual pick up lines, the moves you thought were so smooth won’t fascinate her. She’ll see the truest version of yourself, the one you hide away because you’re afraid of getting hurt.

She will be the one that without you knowing will tear down all the walls you put up.

It’ll be easy to be yourself with her. She’s never going to judge you or look down on you.

She’ll be the girl you take out on a Friday night, just like she’ll be the girl sitting on the couch with you on a Tuesday watching some sports game and eating pizza.

So ditch your notion of perfect, of the ‘ideal’ girlfriend. Because this girl is so much more than ideal. She’s got a heart of gold that brings a smile to your face just by thinking her name.

She isn’t going to love you for a small amount of time; she’s going to love you forever and a day. She’s worth all the effort that you put in and you should put in the effort.

Remember, not every girl is like her so do your best to always fight for her. 

That is really all a girl wants… someone who is going to never stop fighting for her, trusting her, believing in her and treating her like she’s worth courting even after time has gone by.

A girl that isn’t just looking for cute Instagram photos, stories to tell her girlfriends or the “extras” that come along with a relationship.

She’s the one looking for commitment, the one who is patiently waiting for the right guy to step up to the challenge.

She doesn’t deserve mediocre love, or temporary love, she deserves someone who is willing to match her every step of the way. 

The best part is she’s going to make you want to be this guy for her.

Wait for the one who makes the future seem less terrifying, who makes the possibilities endless.

Wait for the one who breathes life into your lungs, the one who you can be vulnerable with, that won’t judge you for your past and love you through your future.

So be patient and wait.

Once you find this girl you’ll realize those expectations were silly, because she is so much more than you thought ever existed and the greatest part is she is going to show you love that shatters all your expectations.

She will be the epitome of those expectations.

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