Nice Girls Are Also The Strongest

She’s nice, so she’s always labeled as cute, never strong. When did that double standard become acceptable? Newsflash, people can be both.

Being kind doesn’t make you weak, in fact, it makes you the opposite.

She gives endlessly without expecting anything in return. She’s the first person to lend a helping hand when someone’s in need but never tells a soul if she’s struggling herself.

Because she prefers to handle her problems on her own, that’s just how she is.

When it comes to arguments she’ll never raise her voice because that means she’s let her emotions get the best of her. And she refuses to be out of control like that.

Insults roll right off her shoulders; she doesn’t let them dim her shine.

In most situations, kindness gives her the upper hand. When she’s staying calm in arguments and choosing to see the good in others, she’s winning.

She chooses to smile, to laugh even when it’s not easy. She’s not ignoring her problems; refusing to get into screaming matches doesn’t mean she’s avoiding conflict.

Because being kind is a choice she makes consciously, not a symptom of some weakness inside her.

And you can damn well bet she’s winning when she chooses not to let every bad thing that’s happened stop her from enjoying life.

Being kind is powerful and remarkable. It teaches patience, to love when it feels impossible, and to believe in the goodness of other people.

Her heart has been broken, but she doesn’t let that hold her back from the possibility of loving again.

Because being soft in a hard world isn’t a crime or something to look down on. It takes a kind of strength far beyond what’s needed to harm others.

She’s rare and exceptional and she knows it. She refuses to let anyone make her feel less worthy simply because she doesn’t project a hard outer shell at all times.

If the worst thing people say about her is that she’s too kind, she truly has the upper hand in this game of life.

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