8 Ways His “Complicated Heart” Ruined Your Sanity

Always be wary when a guy uses the word complex or complicated to describe anything. Because guys aren’t complicated. They are either simple and straightforward or assholes.

The word complicated justifies getting away with a few things. But above all, the excuse of being complicated is just that, an excuse to treat you badly. Once a guy labels themselves as complicated suddenly they are the one running this show and sure enough, you’ll end up like the crazy one. But the guy with a complicated heart plays a game you’ll never be able to win at first.

1. He’s a charmer that you’ll fall head over heels for.

He knows what to say and he knows when to say it. He sends texts every morning and with him, you feel safe. He is good at dating and getting you to fall for him. Maybe he’s mastered the art of chivalry and dropping money like it’s just paper with faces. He’s the one you’re parents will love. The one you’re guys friends will be skeptical of and the one that might break your heart the worse than ever before. Maybe he not only knows how but enjoys breaking through walls you’ve guarded yourself within.

2. He’ll build your trust in him.

He’ll open up about his tainted past. He’ll pretend to be nervous as he tells you about mistakes he’s made but most of all how he’s not that person anymore. You’ll feel a sense of comfort knowing he trusted you, so you trust him too and tell him everything, never thinking you’ll regret it. But the truth is he’s never gonna let you in, he’ll just let you think he has.

3. He has your heart. He’s won your trust. Things are perfect…

It’s gonna seem too good to be true. You’ll go through the honeymoon phase of being completely obsessed with one another for a hot five minutes. You’ll probably hook up during that time. You’ll believe him when he says you’re beautiful. You’ll believe him when he tells you he’s a nice guy. (I always say, nice guys never need to tell you they are.) You’ll believe him when he tells you he’s tired of getting hurt and that it’s always him that does something wrong.

4. …but then suddenly he pulls a 180

Suddenly the honeymoon phase is over, the texts become shorter and a bomb drops on you because he can’t do this anymore and he can’t explain why.

5. You’re always going to be confused.

And as you reread texts and overanalyze situations you’re gonna think you’ve done something wrong. You might even apologize and try too hard to fix it. You want to pinpoint that moment things changed and just go back. But the truth is the only reason you are confused because he’s not being honest and maybe he never truly was. But if someone leaves you confused even for a moment you walk away.

6. He’s gonna pull the “you’re crazy” card when you call him out on it.

On your end, you feel like you’ve lost your sanity. You just want answers, unfortunately, you may never get because there aren’t real answers. He wants you to think you’ve done something wrong. There’s a weird satisfaction of watching someone throw themselves at you and you ignore it. There’s something about the girl who keeps trying to fix things and make it right. He will feel better after winning this game that you didn’t even know you were a part of, and you’ll come across as clingy and too emotional.

Calling a girl crazy justifies him being an asshole and him not feeling bad about it.

7. And then the moment you’re over him, he’ll try to re-enter your life.

After weeks of waiting for a text, you give up and move on. You even muster the courage and strength to delete his number. Your heart begins to heal and your life returns back to normal. This is until a long overdue text appears on your screen. And in that moment, you’ll decide if you wanna play the game. But of the greater questions, you have to answer is if you wanna win this time.